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In case the roof is destroyed completely then it must be replaced. Research must be done extensively to find the best option. Reroofing is considered as a cost effective method. Therefore, considerable amounts of money can be saved. However, re-roofing cannot be done at every possible occasion. By knowing the difference between the two processes, you may able to make a choice without any hassle. Benefits and disadvantage of one over other must be understood at the time also. Best decision for the home must be taken always.


During re-roofing, a fresh layer of shingle is placed over the old ones. The process cannot be performed more than once. Therefore, you cannot select re-roofing technique if there are already two layers of roofs. A requirement of tearing the shingles may not be felt at the time. Therefore, it is less expensive than complete roof replacement.

Roof Replacement

Tearing off of roof is necessary for roof replacement. Everything must be removed on the occasion. Later, new shingles and felt paper are generally placed. Roof replacement can be done at every given occasion. Therefore, option of roof replacement must be chosen when it is not possible to go with reroofing technique.

Time to go with reroofing

If the roof has come to the end of lifespan then you can choose re-roofing process. Good shape of the shingles must be maintained always. Leaks and minor issues may be treated easily in the process. Damage due to water can be treated easily. Missing shingles and sogginess of the shingles can be avoided too. The growth of mildew and moss can be forgotten forever as a result. Entire roofing system can be covered with the method instead of mere partial roofing.

When to avoid reroofing

Reroofing may not be the best idea always. The existing shingles are not lifted. Therefore, you may not able to understand the actual condition of roofing deck. Problems are seen mostly when the shingles are torn. Sagging or rot may not be seen from above. Through re-roofing, issues are only covered. So, it cannot be considered as a complete solution.

If only a portion of the roof is repaired then the area may become thick than other parts. Therefore, ridge cap may not match and further problem can be noticed. It is best to get a professional roofing company advice from OM Construction Services.

Over a layer of shingles, re-roofing can be done. A lot of risks can be noticed at the time. Therefore, a roofing contractor may not like to perform it.

Time to go with energy efficient solar roof replacement

At every given occasion, roof replacement can be considered. If there are lots of issues regarding the roof then you must go with this option. Poor shape of the roof deck may be a reason for the complete replacement also. Different kinds of problems can be addressed in the process. More than cover-up can be ensured. Some more information here

Only in few occasions, re-roofing method is used to save money. Otherwise, you must select the method of roof replacement method. Roof replacement is considered as the safest option. A lasting impression can be created with the process too.